California State Monument at San Jose State

California State Normal School Bell Closeup - Tower Bell - Top Half
The California State Normal School Bell, also known as the Tower Bell, at San Jose State.

SAN JOSE, CA (June 2013) – As discussed in our forthcoming book, the California State Alumni Association (CSAA) advocates the immediate construction of at least one monument to the State of California on the San Jose State campus.

San Jose State’s disrespect for the Cal State name, it symbols and monuments is one of the issues discussed in our book about California State in San Jose and Beyond.  The most notable of these monuments is the California State Normal School bell, called the “Tower Bell” by San Jose State, which has been subjected to vandalism and is a state of decay.

CSAA activists have reported the vandalism and deterioration of the Tower Bell to SJSU officials, who have done little or nothing to address it.  The CSAA advocates construction of additional Cal State-oriented monuments on the campus, in addition to improved care and maintenance of the Tower Bell, the Great Seal and other monuments and symbols of California State in San Jose.

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