What We Do

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The California State Alumni Association, Inc. is active in several areas, all related to the California State University system, and in particularly its founding campus in San Jose.

Alumni Services/Membership Chapters

Like many other alumni associations, the California State Alumni Association operates membership chapters for particular groups of alumni and/or students.

The main chapter of the CSAA is CSU Alumni San Jose, which as the name suggests focuses on identity issues at the founding campus of the CSU, San Jose State.

Our other chapters include CSU Alumni Silicon Valley, a multi-CSU campus group focusing on the greater Silicon Valley area but open to CSU alumni from all campuses.

Historic Preservation

The CSAA promotes California State Historic Preservation, in San Jose and beyond.  Recent achievements include curation of the exhibit 150 Years of California State Higher Education in San Jose and Beyond, at the Martin Luther King Library at San Jose State (2012).


The CSAA publishes books and other materials to promote California State Historic Preservation and CSU student and alumni rights.  To learn more, please visit our California State Press page.

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